Nadya Purtova

Prof. dr. Nadya Purtova (LLM’05, CEU, Budapest, MSc’06, Leiden, PhD’11 cum laude, Tilburg) is Professor of Law, Innovation and Technology at the School of Law, Utrecht University. Prior to this appointment, she was an Associate Propfessor at Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society, Tilburg University, the Netherlands. She does research on data protection and informational privacy law, recently, in the context of health, regulation of health technologies, property rights in personal data, data commons, and economic analysis of data protection law.

Her dissertation on property in personal data (Tilburg University Best Doctoral Dissertation Award for 2010/11) is published by Kluwer Law International. At present she is a principal investigator in a five-year project funded by European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant “Understanding information for legal protection of people against information-induced harms” (ERC-2016-StG-716971 INFO-LEG). The project aims to re-examine conceptual foundations of the data protection law and commenced in March 2017.