INFO-LEG panel at CPDP2018

We organize a panel “Personal data: still relevant trigger for protection in a data-driven society?” with great speakers for the 2018 edition of the  Computers, Privacy and Data Protection Conference that will take place in Brussels between 24 and 26 January.

The panel is scheduled on Wednesday, 24 January, at 10:30 in AREA 42 PETIT.

The goal of this panel is to explore the relevance of the notion of personal data as a trigger for the application of data protection law. Given the broad understanding of the notion adopted 10 years ago by the Article 29 Working Party, and in today’s context characterized by machine learning and big data analytics, the argument is becoming increasingly plausible that any piece of information can legally become personal data. During the panel, we will retrace the origins and rationale of the notion, and further explore its meaning from legal, policy and computer science/machine learning perspectives.

  • Given the current state of data analytics is there any data that does not relate to people in a legal sense?
  • How does practice cope with the uncertainty concerning the scope of personal data?
  • Can e-privacy serve as a blueprint for non-personal data centric legal protection?
  • Could we envisage a data protection framework not based on the notion of personal data?


Peter Hustinx (former EDPS, law and policy)

Frederik Borgesius (VUB, ePrivacy, GDPR, law)

David Stevens (Nielsen, law, industry)

Maurits Kaptein (Tilburg University, data science)